The Bechdel Bitch Abroad

I’m writing this sitting next to a pile of bags with tabs of aeroplane tickets open in my browser. The next five months of my life are more or less a total mystery to me. I have plane tickets to Peru and back from Chile and some vague plans of volunteering projects and things I want to see, but for the most part, I am travelling to a country halfway around the world for half a year with no company other than my own.

When I think about my travels in general terms such as this, I find it quite scary, I won’t lie to you. But when I think about it in more detail – the projects I’m going to take part in, the people I’m going to meet, the adventures I’m going to have – I feel so excited.

So, this post is just a holding post until I find the time to write an update about my travels so far. I will be alternating between the usual feminist rants and updates on how my travels are going over the next few months, so bear with me if there isn’t as much feminist content as normal (but I’m sure I will find stuff to get angry about, even on the other side of the world).

Until next time,

Rosie, a.k.a. The Bechdel Bitch xxx


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