Galentine’s Day

If I had been organised enough, this blog post would have come out in time for Valentine’s Day and not a week later. But I am not organised, and I did not have a blog post planned and besides, Valentine’s Day came and went without much fanfare. I was working all day, firstly as part of some work experience I’m doing for a PR company and secondly at the pub I pull pints at, serving vaguely creepy old men who buy me pints and tell me I look better when I smile. It wasn’t the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about in this post. I wanted to talk about Galentine’s Day instead. The alternative to a card-company manufactured display of consumerism and chocolate which instead celebrates the platonic love between (gal) friends.

I spent Galentine’s with Sophie and Fay, two of my best friends, getting drunk and dancing and chatting about our hopes and manifestations for the year to come. We set out crystals which assist in feminine empowerment and general lady boss-badassery and burnt some sage to cleanse them (my room still smells fantastic by the way).

Witchiness aside, I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is that love comes in all forms, not just the heteronormative, social construct-abiding relationships which Hollywood shoves down our throats. Don’t feel upset if you are single on Valentine’s Day – there are other relationships in your life which should be just as valued and deserve to be celebrated just as much.

Platonic love between friends, and self-love unto yourself, as well as the obvious romantic relationship kind of love, are all things which should be celebrated on Valentine’s Day, and all year round for that matter. I have come full circle since last February, learning this and other lessons that the universe has thrown at me. Learning not to rely solely on romantic relationships in order to feel self-worth and happiness. Learning to appreciate my friends and family as the supportive and loving presences in my life that they indeed are.

Next time you feel in need of some re-charging, grab your gal pals and some wine and get stuck into some platonic loving. Happy Galentine’s Day y’all!


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