Oh, hey there. I’m guessing you’ve found this blog because you like films, or feminism, or both. Either that, or you’re one of my lovely friends or family members who have been coerced into clicking on the link to avoid my endless nagging. Whatever the reason, thank you and welcome.

Women in Hollywood, and movies in general have long suffered under the thumb of the patriarchy. The pay is less, the roles are few and far between, and when they do eventually come around, they often come around with no clothes on, no personality or a combination of the two.

I decided to start a blog exploring the roles within these films, and their shortcomings in presenting varied and well-rounded female characters on the silver screen.

Alison Bechdel, in her cartoon “Dykes to Watch Out For”, presented the rules of The Bechdel Test for the first time. In it, she describes that a work of fiction must include two named female characters, who talk to each other about something other than a man. Sounds simple, right? The truth is that most mainstream films fail this test horrifically.


While this blog will focus on more than just this rule, it was The Bechdel Test which really opened my eyes to the world of inequality in film, and so that’s where I got the name for this blog.

Here, I aim to post regular reviews of films new and old, from a feminist perspective. I also have a few ideas for some features which will tackle specific topics such as rape onscreen, the pressure on female stars, and many others.

I hope this blog will be able to open the eyes of my readers to the inequality which we still face in cinema today, and will encourage women of all ages to question the sort of media we are exposed to, rather than just accepting it. I’m also hoping to save the ears of my friends from my endless ranting at every film we watch together, by moving it to a platform which is a bit more productive (but still really fun for me, and incredibly necessary). Because, after all, the world wide web could always use a bit more womansplaining.

Stay tuned for my first review, which will be of the recent Wonder Woman adaptation, coming later this week!

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